I’ve Set Up My Blog Yet Again

For the umpteenth time in my life, I’ve set up my blog. This time around, I’m going to be trying to write quick, and short nuggets as I go along my life. My future posts will be better. I’m writing this one with the singular purpose of testing whether everything on my blog works appropriately.

I’ve also set up MathJax so that I can do some fun things like solve a few the cryptopals challenges using my newly gained GA Tech CS6260 knowledge. I’ve got to flex that I can now write $\LaTeX$ and have learned that the advantage of an adversary $\mathcal{A}$ in the ind-cpa experiment, with the oracles initialized using some symmetric encryption scheme $\mathcal{SE}$ may be expressed as:

$$\mathrm{Adv_{\mathcal{SE}}^{ind-cpa}}(\mathcal{A} ) = Pr[\mathcal{A} \Rightarrow 0 \ \mathrm{in} \operatorname {ind-cpa-0}] - Pr[\mathcal{A} \Rightarrow 0 \ \mathrm{in} \operatorname{ind-cpa-1}]$$


  • $Pr[\mathcal{A} \Rightarrow 0 \ \mathrm{in} \operatorname {ind-cpa-0}]$ is the probability of the attacker outputting 0 in experiment 0, i.e. being correct; and
  • $Pr[\mathcal{A} \Rightarrow 0 \ \mathrm{in} \operatorname {ind-cpa-1}] = 0$ is the probability of the attacker outputting 1 in experiment 1, i.e. being incorrect.

If someone happens to be reading this, please don’t worry if none of that made sense, I honestly don’t fully understand why the advantage is expressed the way it is to be honest. This post is just a test to check that the blog was set up correctly. 😅

Although, if you are interested, I think this may also be covered in Dan Boneh’s Online Cryptography Course. I haven’t taken the course, but I believe the book for the course covers it.