I’m Taking Over Clares!

Hello OMs, YLs, radio-folk, and radio enthusiasts! 👋

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. I’m Amin Gilani, VE3EQL on the air, and I’ve recently taken over the reins at Clares. Clares has been everyone’s favourite free resource for mastering both Basic and Advanced Canadian amateur radio licenses for the past decade.

First off, let’s recognize Al Hatch, VA6HAL, for all his work. Al’s the dedicated individual who crafted Clares into the treasure trove it is today, meticulously recording, updating and managing these invaluable courses over the past decade. I know firsthand how helpful Clares is – I used it to study for my own Basic and Advanced licenses. Al leaves some big shoes and I hope I can fill them.

I’m a software developer from Toronto with a burning passion for amateur radio. Since taking over, I’ve started making some updates to Clares already, always with the aim of enhancing your learning experience. The site should already feel significantly faster.

But here’s my promise to you: while I will strive for continuous improvement, the essence of Clares will remain the same. I want the site to evolve without disrupting your journey. Our goal is to make Clares better, never harder to use.

So, here’s to the future of Clares. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and suggestions, and I’m looking forward to growing with you all in our shared passion for ham radio.


Amin, VE3EQL